Features and Benefits of the New iMRS System

  • The New iMRS uses exclusively earth-based and brain-state frequencies …So your cells can optimally tune in and resonate to these healing energies
  • The iMRS pemf system uses the proven sawtooth waveform …
  • Which provides the cells with a full spectrum of needed frequencies and optimal ion transport.
  • The iMRS mat is the only PEMF device using the NASA square wave … Which was PROVEN by NASA to be the most effective for healing, regeneration and pain relief
  • The iMRS wellness system is the only pulsed magnetic therapy device to have a True Biorhythm clock … Which helps to synchronize the body and mind to be energized in the morning and relaxed at night
  • The iMRS has 3 pairs of tightly wound pure copper coils (not wire mesh like competitors) … Which gives a pure pulsed magnetic field and deeper penetration for a more effective treatment
  • The iMRS has the ideal range of Intensities from pico tesla to 300 uTesla … Which is great for both sensitive people needing a gentle setting and high end athletes who need a stronger intensity
  • The iMRS has a new iMORE biofeedback, iSLRS light and sound and New iGuide for practitioners … These powerful accessories amplify the benefits of the iMRS and make it even MORE effective!

In Summary, the new iMRS is the most versatile, most effective and most natural PEMF system available today. … Which helps with innervation, oxygenation, hydration, circulation, relaxation and anti aging of your body, mind and cells!

Technical Specs

Frequency – .5 – 25 Hz

Intensity – .09 uT – 70 uT (Earth Intensity = 33-66uT)

Graduated Intensity – Yes – 3x Stronger at Feet –Weaker at Head

Biorhythm – 15 Hz – 7.5 Hz – 3 Hz – .5 Hz

Waveform – Sawtooth on Full Body Mat – Squarewave on Pad and Probe

Swtiches Polarity – Yes , Every Two Minutes

Sound and Light frequencies – Same as Mat, Synchronized for Maximum Benefit

Dimensions Full Body Mat – 25 Inches x 69.5 Inches

Price – Call Us for Pricing or Download Free Brochure

Warranty – 3 Years Unconditional

Shipping – Free to U.S. and Canada (Hawaii and International Extra – call for pricing)